2009 Events

Barnsley Branch Annual Reunion April 2009

  Official Photograph Courtesy of the Barnsley Chronicle.

From left to right

Col. Norton,  Lewis Andrews (Branch President), Syd Dyson (Secretary),  Eric Jessop (Chairman), Mayor Councillor John Parkinson, Mayoress Mrs Linda Parkinson, Vic Leigh ( Entertainments). 


Branch Visit to the National Arboretum 3rd Aug 2009.

A Regimental plaque of “The York and Lancaster Regiment” which has adorned the walls of the Mason family home in Sheffield, now has a new home at the Arboretum 

Eric Mason kindly donated his plaque which he has owned for over fifty yearsto the branch,after Malcolm Lettin requested that anyonewho would be prepared to donate a plaque for members of the branch to take to the Arboretum. Was answered by Eric Mason.

We would expect that the plaque will spend another fifty years on display where lots more people will see it,we all send our thanks to Eric.

Members of the branch who visited the Arboretum on August 3rd 2009,

 and presented the Regimental Plaque to the staff at the Arboretum.


Visit to Eden Camp 13th Sept 2009

The branch was represented yet again at the remembrance service held annually at Eden camp near Malton on Sunday September 13th .
With over 100 standards on parade it made for a very colourful display.
As part of the service there was a surprise flypast by a vulcan bomber.
With lots of other ex-service personnel and visitors  to the camp, it was very busy. The weather though not good was dry and acceptable. A good day was had by  the branch members, family and friends.






Branch members, family and friends and not forgetting the dog, who visited Eden camp


Trip to Munster October 1st 2009

The branch members were invited by the 1st battalion the Yorkshire Regiment to attend a reunion in Munster, Germany. We would be included in the PWO's Barnsley branch count Five of our members embarked on the 1st october on the good shipe Pride of Hull. Vic Leigh, Malc Lettin, Syd Dyson, Mick medlock and Rob Dawson.There were three bus loads of mainly PWO's with members from York, Beverley, Bradford and Hull, so a lot of re-uniting and introducing took place.

With three or more bars on board we had just about enough choice where to sample the drinks. As is usual with a predominance of ex service personnel we were made welcome whichever bar we settled in.

Bed time came sometime after midnight, and it must be a long time since we were called to breakfast at

0600 hrs. The bus trip from Rotterdam to Munster was a bit tedious but with the ultimate stop, ‘MacDonald’s’ we were able to get a cup of coffee. When we arrived in Munster we had an impromptu visit to the zoo. The lead bus driver didn’t know Munster quite as well as he thought he did.

We were welcomed with drinks and sandwiches before being given our ID cards, well, some of us did, and others of us had to wait until Saturday morning as they had to be printed.

We were then allocated our accommodation. Well some of us were. Although comprehensive lists were available, not all the names were called out and the accommodation block was just about full. Some visitors were ushered to the Officers mess and some to the Sergeants mess. That left the four of us, we were given the last key to room 101, I think that was number, and were told there would be three beds. When we opened the door there was not a bed in sight. We were soon followed by a couple of lads with a bed. they seemed a bit surprised when we asked for three more, and bedding. In the mean time Mick came looking for us, he had been given a bed in another room. So after a quick recce and a ‘O’ group we decided to move Mick’s bed into our room. Before we had our beds made up we were told that there were no more pillows left in the stores, we asked for another duvet each to roll up instead of pillows. In the end, and in time to miss tea, we got enough pillows and duvets, and we settled into our accommodation. On exploring the wash rooms, we were soon chased out by the ladies already in there. The shower room was just the same, as was the toilets.

We had been so busy putting mattresses into covers and moving Mick we had not noticed how cold it was. We soon realized that whoever had a degree,  it was the wrong one to fathom  out these sorts of problems so we decided to rough it.

On visiting the restaurant ( cookhouse) we noticed the system has changed since we were serving, you have to pay for your food. So by the time you get what you think, might be a good meal, you have to wait in the queue to pay for it at the till. We then had to find the brew kit to get a drink. When you get back to your seat you realized you should have had the salad.

When we visited the range simulator we realized we were not cut out for modern day soldiering, we had difficulty in lifting the weapons let alone fire them, so no coconuts.

The soldiers in the modern army don’t appear to have much to entertain them.Apart from video games and doing there own cooking not to mention the highest student population in Germany. The CO when asked said they were able to find things to do, he had passed one of the troops just coming in as he arrived for work that morning. Nothing changes.

A Bavarian night had been organised for the Saturday which we all attended 10 Euros to get in and 3 Euros for food, well,  that’s what somebody said. Vic made the most of the braty’s and other things besides. At the end of the night we all decide we should have an extra brandy to stave of the cold and went back to block A. Mick was caught short half way across the square and fulfilled one of his life’s ambitions

Sunday came around and we were told the NAFFI had given us a concession, one bottle and 200 fags, I think we were so overwhelmed we had to bring something back.


At the Bavarian Evening Vic, Malc, Syd and Rob.                Malc & Mick


Syd at the Cpl's mess curry night Cpl's Mess Curry Night


Mick, Malc and Vic                                                    Malc & Syd



Malc and Vic having a stroll Vic,                          Mick, Syd and Malc in the Cpls Mess.


Bavarian Folk Night                                                     


Armed Forces Day Barnsley.

Members of the Barnsley Branch who attended the dedication of the Plaque placed in the memorial garden Next St Marys Church Barnsley by the mayor of Barnsley Councilor John Parkinson.


An Act of Remembrance July 1st 2009 

An act of remembrance was carried out at 07-30 on July 1st 2009 in the outdoor chapel at Silverwood scout camp Silkstone by members of the local group known as the Barnsley Pals Motor Scooter Club. The group was formed about four years ago and are predominantly motor scooter enthusiasts, they are very family orientated with children of the members included in the membership. Fund raising for the RBL and other charitable causes is high on the list of the activities carried out by this club having collected over £3000.00 for the poppy fund last year

The time was exactly the moment that the Barnsley Pals and many thousands of other soldiers went "over the top" during the battle of the Somme in 1916. The place was Silverwood scout camp in Silkstone where the 13th and 14th Battalions of the York and Lancaster Regiment took basic training.

A very impromptu service with no pomp or ceremony, just a welcome few words from one of the members. A wreath was laid, followed by a period of silence, followed by the most unusual last post I have ever heard, played on a saxaphone though very professionally.


The club intends to hold this act of remembrance on an annual basis.