"For the Fallen"


A chance note to contact Kimberley Fisher Office Manager at Yorkshire Association Richmond Informed me that a railway engine belonging to the East Coast Line number 91111 was to be named For The Fallen. Fifty veterans from all commands along the East Coast Line were invited to attend the dedication of the Engine at Kings Cross station on Friday 7th November 2014.

Tickets were made available at the station of choice for anyone who was interested in attend the Commemoration

I contacted Dave Lowe who had passed on the note said he and Dennis Marples PWO. Would be connecting with the train at Doncaster . We arranged a connection from Barnsley terminal and caught a train to London On arrival we managed to negotiate the underground system to Old Street the nearest  tube station to The Thistle City Barbican Hotel in which we were to stay. The walk from the tube station was considerably longer than anticipated but we found the hotel. We arrived too early to book into the hotel but fortunately they had a secure room where we were able to leave our luggage.

In the Bar we met a former Green Howard Eddie. Eddie was wheelchair bound  but we got to know each other and after a beer  we decided to go to see the poppies in the moat at the Tower of London, a sight to behold, well worth the visit with what seemed to be several million other visitors.

On Friday morning we were in a taxi at 06-30hrs heading for Kings Gross station where breakfast was provided. The train was due into platform eight at 08-15hrs .so we had time for a brew and a breakfast in a bun.

We started to assemble on Platform eight at about 07-45 in good time to  find the places allocated to us, we were in the company of 1 Scots and The Honourable Artillery Regiment the two regiments providing the guard of  Honour.

After the arrival of three or four commuter trains the FOR THE  FALLEN  pulled into platform eight at 08-30 exactly on time.

A short service and blessing followed by words from Karen Boswell the Managing Director of East Coast mainline. Time was left for photographs to be taken before the train departed for Edinburgh.

Tower of London Poppies


Bringing Home The Fallen

The  Re-Burial of Fifteen York and Lancaster Soldiers from WW1 in France

 October 22nd 2014

Members of the branch attending the re-burial were

Mr. and Mrs. Dyson

    Mr. and Mrs. Medlock

Mr. and  Mrs. Leigh

Mr. Hurd

Members of the Yorkshire Volunteers Branch

Also in attendance

Col. and Mrs. Norton

Col. and Mrs. Adlington

Col. Elliott

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Holroyd

Lt. Col. and Mrs. James

Major and Mrs. Wilkins

Lord and Lady Mayoress Of Sheffield

Mr Karl Noble


At the crossroads of route D62 and D141 along rue de Radingham at the rear of the property on that corner is an insignificant piece of scrub land.



Junction of route  D62 and D141.



In 2009 a decision was made to attach the outlets of the septic tanks in the area, directly to the sewer system. During the excavation for the pipe that would  connect to the sewer. The machine operator unearthed some bones he fortunately stopped digging and contacted the local mayor who sent for the gendarme who thought  that the bones were probably human. An archaeological dig was ordered and in a shallow grave of about three foot in depth the remains found. There were more remains than had first been thought.

Artifacts, buttons and badges found in the grave identified the remains as men from the 2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment.

When all the remains were collected they were taken for DNA testing and it proved to be the remains of fifteen individuals.

With the DNA results and the diaries of the men and officers of the regiment who were in that theatre of the war, names could be added to the identification.

A genealogist was able to link the information and proceeded to look for the families of the dead. He was able to locate ten of the fifteen families. The families  were then invited to a meeting at Endcliffe Hall Sheffield and informed of the findings.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the MOD.  CWGC. The Yorkshire Regiment.  The forensic scientist who had carried out the DNA testing.  The genealogist and the Army information and publicity branch.

The families were invited to attend the re-internment that would take place at the war graves cemetery at Y farm close to Beucamps Ligney and the soldiers were finally laid to rest  on October 22nd 2014.


The York and Lancaster Regiment.


The Regiment was formed between 1868 and 1874 in the Cardwell reforms. With the amalgamation of The 65th Yorkshire North Riding regiment of foot And The 84th Regiment of foot The York and Lancaster Regiment Both regiments had originally been formed in the late 1750s.

Though both regiments had been in existence for many years. On the initial amalgamation they were called the Hallamshire Regiment. Named after the Saxon manors and lands of the house of York and the house of Lancaster which now forms the district commonly known as Hallamshire Sheffield The title Hallamshire Regiment, was strongly opposed by the officers of both Regiments. Finally in 1881 the Regiments agreed to take the name of the junior battalion 84th and became The York and Lancaster Regiment. There is little or no connection to the names of the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Many people assume the Regiments name to be The Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment. Though the Regiment has always been a Yorkshire Regiment. Recruiting heavily in South Yorkshire throughout its history. Two Battalions of The York and Lancaster Regiment were raised in Barnsley during WW1, they became the 13th and 14th Battalions. To avoid conscription Kitchener encouraged men to volunteer with friends relatives and work colleagues and so we got the reference Pals Battalions During the battle of the Somme The 13th and 14Th Battalions York and Lancaster Regiment were known as 1st Barnsley and 2nd Barnsley Battalions. On July 1st 1916 at 07-30 with the blast from a whistle the battle of the Somme started for The British Battalions who were waiting in woodland close to a place called Serre near Amiens. Both Barnsley Battalions were involved, the 13th Battalion started the battle the 14th  Battalion held in reserve.

As a result, by days end

Dead and wounded were calculated to be higher than 70%.

War Memorial Dedication At Bolton Upon Dearne

The Dedication of the War memorial at Bolton upon Dearne took place on August 3rd. Standard bearer for the York and Lancaster's was \Rob Oliver and Dave Lowe for the Prince of Wales Own. Other Branch members in attendance were Mick Medlock and Brian and Ann Lee.


Evening of Remembrance at Barnsley

The members of the branch were invited to an evening of Remembrance and 
reflection by the Barnsley U3A held at  Emmanuel Church  Barnsley.
The evening featured Dodworth Colliery Band who are an asset to 
Barnsley district.
Members in attendace were Syd and Megan Dyson,  Eric and Madge Jessop and 
Vic Leigh.
The events of the evening were followed by a candlelit  vigil ending at 
23-00 hrs.


Wreath Laying at 
Stottercliffe Cemetery Penistone

The branch was represented by Syd Dyson at the wreath laying at 
Stotterclife Cemetery,  Penistone. It was extremely well attended with 
representation from Chesterfield,  Bradford area as well as Barnsley.


Re-opening Of the Regimental Museum in Rotherham 

Invited members of the branch attended the reopening of the Regimental 
museum in Rotherham
The members were Vic Leigh,  Syd Dyson , John Allsopp, and Mick Medlock

A short introduction was given from the manager of Heritage Services Lisa 
Broadest followed by an equally short history of the museum from Colonel Norton.
The museum was officially reopened by the Mayor of Rotherham Councillor 
John Foden on 17 July 2014.


Armed Forces Day

On the  21st June 2014 members of the branch attended Armed Forces Day in 
Sheffield the branch were represented by Syd Dyson, Mick Medlock, Vic and Peggy Leigh

The town hall was fronted by two impressive pieces of artillery both 
 bore the name Nathaniel Creswick 1831 - 1917.  Nathaniel Creswick 
was co founder of the oldest football club in the world Sheffield FC 
verified by FIFA. He was also instrumental in the formation of the 
Hallamshire Battalion
He also happens to be the great great Uncle of Colonel Norton


The Yorkshire Regiment Annual Church Service

The Yorkshire Regiment Annual Church Service took place at the York Minster on Saturday 31st May at 1000 Hrs. 
Barnsley branch members who attended were John Allsopp,  Syd Dyson, Tony Hurd,  Mick Medlock and  Rob and Janet Oliver.

Music at this service was played by the band of the Yorkshire Regiment.


The Annual St Georges Day Reunion

The branch standards were displayed at the reunion held at the Fairway / Bluebell banqueting suite in Dodworth near Barnsley.

With only 63 people in attendance we were a bit thin on the ground, however the majority of comments were very favourable.

Although  not perfect and because of the fall off in numbers we thought we might have to think of cancelling future events but we were pleaded with to carry on.

It was thought that the Easter break had been a factor, in that people who may have attended were taking an Easter holiday.

At the branch meeting in May we decided to book the reunion so as not to coincide with Easter, and we have made a tentative booking for April 25th 2015 Easter falling on 5th April in 2015.

We hope you all enjoyed the evening and hope to make it even more enjoyable next year.

Bring a friend.